The RealReal Experience in the Physical.

Fashion has been a stable of society since we as people figured out how to set ourselves apart from each other by style of dress. Setting the sidewalk ablaze when it comes to design means the more high end and exclusive the better. While online store have been supplying the needs of many in search of fashion, some companies have decided to break into the brick and mortar side of retail. Companies like The RealReal have set their sights on the physical store.

In the prime fashion area of Los Angles on Melrose Avenue the RealReal has opened another store giving their clients a physical place to come and shop. While bankrupt brands have left spaces all over the country, more online luxury consignment shops are popping up filling those spots. Shoppers that once searched through a store like Ross or TJMaxx will have the chance to comb through more luxury brands the same way. The RealReal already has a store in SOHO in New York which is another prime location for those hip to the fashion world. Many retailers are doing well with the industry pulling in over twenty billion in 2017. This makes the opportunities for online stores to make an investment of being more accessible in the physical sense to buyers who want their items right away.

The CEO of The RealReal Julie Wainwright has through financing secured $115 million which will allow her to open more stores and create a larger inventor. These stores are not out of the blue. The RealReal have been doing pop up shops for some time now to test the potential and reaction to more physical locations. Their new location is more than just a shop. It is a new high end experience of over 5000 square feet. It will have a café serving coffee, juice, salads and other items. It will also have services for valuations and even a gemologist.

The new experience of luxury consignment shopping turned physical offering the same as online is a scary reality for established retailers. The Fashion game may have just been shook up.

Investment inspiration from a new book by Nick Vertucci

Nick Vertucci is a successful real estate investor. Despite the success he has had, he is also one of the people who has made a significant contribution to the success of other investors through his Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. The journey to success for Nick has not been easy. He has faced so many challenges since it was an industry he joined without prior experience. Most of the things he was doing were based on trial and error.

New book

Nick Vertucci is interested in helping as many investors as possible to learn the art of profitable investment. Part of the things he has done is to document his life in a book that is available on Amazon entitled ‘Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed.’ This book is evidence that one needs to have the right mindset in order to make it in the business sector. Nick made mistakes on the journey to becoming a successful real estate investor. In the same process, he learned lessons which no one would have taught him.

One thing that comes out clearly from his book is that he was made a winner. He turned his challenges into triumphs. Every time he met a challenge, he would try and learn how to surmount it.

Nick Vertucci is on a mission of inspiring investors who are beginning right now. He wants them to understand what it takes to be successful. Nick wants to show them the importance of a positive mindset. By never giving up on the journey, on will learn vital lessons which will shape their approach to investing.

The book by Nick Vertucci is a great starting point for new investors and even struggling investors. It will give you a different perspective of the industry. In the book, he shares important tips which will fast-track the learning process.

Drew Madden and The Different Areas of The Healthcare Industry

When people take the time to look at the healthcare industry, one thing they are going to find is that it is very rich and diverse. There is a lot more to the healthcare industry than the doctor’s office and the emergency room. There are tons of different equipment that is needed to do the work. There are also plenty of stores and online companies that are involved with health. As of right now, Amazon is looking to take over a good part of the healthcare industry. If Amazon manages to do so, this runs the risk of a monopoly.

Fortunately, CVS is fighting against the monopoly. The healthcare company is doing everything it can to maintain its ability to compete against Amazon in healthcare. One move the company is considering is trying to buy out Aetna. One thing that a reporter has said about what is happening in the healthcare industry is that innovation is being forced. CVS is actually taking measures to buy out some of the healthcare industry as a response to what Amazon is doing. One thing that can be said about the Amazon and CVS situation is that this makes for an exciting time in the healthcare industry.

When it comes to innovation, there is one person who is bringing innovation to the healthcare industry outside of Amazon. Drew Madden is the expert that knows what the healthcare industry needs, and he is willing to provide it so that patients can get better care. One thing that Drew understands about innovation is that it comes from a need that has not been met yet. When it comes to the healthcare industry, one of the best forms of innovation come in the form of giving medical professionals a more efficient way to store records of their patients for later use.

Betsy DeVos – How A Fierce Politician And Charitable Donations Come Together

Betsy DeVos is a well-known political figure who works as President Donald Trump’s education secretary. Although she is a gracious yet fierce politician, her stance in the policy regarding transgender bathroom usage did not stray her from her natural beliefs. Hours before the decision was set in place, DeVos met with the representative of gay and transgender employees to warn them what was coming down the line.


People can rest assured in knowing that Ms. DeVos presented a forceful resistance to the policy while leaving no presence of irregularities within the Trump administration. She allegedly joined in the full onset of the announcement regarding the new policy. DeVos voiced her opinion while telling the annual Conservative Political Action Conference that the earlier federal guidelines were a very large demonstration of the exceedingly blatant policies set in place by the Obama Administration.


Betsy DeVos served as the former Michigan Republican Party chairwoman as well as one of the major Republican donors. Most people have watched her closely throughout the years as one of the most influential advocates of charter schools. She has never portrayed herself as a meek player in the industry despite any setbacks she may have encountered. Most people know her as evolving into a reputation as a very driven woman with a positive political influence.


It’s definitely no secret that Betsy DeVos gets a lot of attention; both positive and negative. Both she and her husband are involved in many charitable contributions where they have donated almost $139 million. Even though she is being criticized for her contributions to Republican candidates and recent school choices, she is pleased to confirm that she will be donating millions through their popular foundation.


2015 posed to be a well-rounded year involving donations for the DeVoses. They worked to donate approximately $11.6 million to philanthropic foundations. The Dick and Besty DeVos family foundation website reports their charitable donations and what campaigns they’re working on at the moment. Forbes reportedly showed that the family has given approximately $1.33 billion in their lifetime. Education has always been a priority for the family and they continue donating millions to educational causes and education reform. Dick DeVos states that their donations and spending history reflect their extreme priority for educational enhancements.


After carefully reviewing and selecting schools that they choose to donate to, they determine the fine details of their academic status, support from individuals and overall accountability. While we all know that education is their first priority, their second focus resides involving the Arts & Culture foundations.


Betsy DeVos continues to thrive as a successful politician with a drive to excel within her community, donate to important foundations within their scope of research and stand strong for what she believes in. Most of her donations come without the need to know where or how the money is being spent. While continuing to pursue her intense career, she continues to expand her donation efforts into the healthcare industry as well as venturing out to fund new causes.


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Anthony Petrello- Role Of Business In Times Of Disasters

The role of a business in society is not only to make profits. A business is a part of the community that deals with delivery of good and services. Since the role of a business is to serve the people, business owners would ensure that they play out this role effectively. By supporting the needs of the community, a business can contribute to the building of a healthy society where people support each other. A business that supports the community has a higher chance of selling its business name to many people. Also when a business comes out to support the community, this is usually a good sign of a business that is sharing the needs of the people.

To see which businesses care about the needs of the community you ca look at which businesses show up when there is an urgent need for support. In Houston and other parts of Texas, there was an urgent appeal for help when Hurricane Harvey struck causing massive destruction in the areas; the areas were also cut off from the main supply of clean water, electricity and other basic needs. When the call for help was made, a number of businesses came out to help the community. One of them was Nabors Industries which is led by Tony Petrello.

Nabors Industries is the biggest oil and natural gas drilling firm in the country. The company, however, has most of its drilling operations outside the country. It deals with selling drilling technology to oil companies around the world. Currently operating in 25 counties and having partnership deals with some of the biggest firms in the world, Nabors is a leading global company in drilling technology. Their drilling rigs are widely used in numerous countries. The company has recorded monumental growth since Tony Petrello joined as the COO ns later appointed CEO in 2011. He has steered the company through rough economic times and has emerged even stronger than ever before.

Anthony Petrello has created a culture of people giving back to the community in this company. So, when the Hurricane Harvey struck, Nabors Industries employees were some of the people who came out in large numbers to support the community in the time of need. The company donated funds which went to various causes. Tony Petrello also gave his workers a paid leave to go and assist the victims of the Hurricane. This is just one of the acts of philanthropy which have been demonstrated by the CEO of Nabors. He has participated in many other causes as an individual.

The Legacy Of The Outgoing President Of Bradesco Bank, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was born into a family of professional bankers on 6th October in 1951, in Marilia, Sao Paulo, Brazil. He then graduated from Sao Paulo school of philosophy, science, and literature and later did his postgraduate from Fundacao School of sociology and politics.

His banking career
Mr. Trabuco launched his career in banking at Bradesco bank SA in 1984 April, working as a clerk. He later held several leadership posts where he gained immense experience as a leader and businessperson. In 1984 January, he took over the position of the Department Director in the marketing department, in 1998 March, he was appointed the Managing Officer, and in 1999 march, he took the Executive Vice President seat. In 2003, Trabuco was appointed to head the ailing insurance and pensions division of the bank.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi also heads other branches and sections of Bradesco organizations. He serves as a Managing Body Member and Director of Fundacao Bradesco, and still a Member of the Board of Directors and Managing Director of the Institute of Digestive System and Nutrition Disease Foundation. Apart from all these positions, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is a sitting Board Member of the Board of directors of the Brazilian Bank Federation, Fundo Garantidor de Creditos – FCG Member, and still the Member of Honourable Council ANSP just to mention a few.

What He Has Done for Bradesco
Mr. Trabuco Cappi has served at Bradesco bank very diligently as the Chief Executive Officer in the past ten years since he became one of the high leveled executives from 2009. He has worked for the organization very well throughout his career when he started working in 1969. When he was the president of Bradesco Seguros, he made sure the insurance wedge of the company grew from 23 percent to 25 percent of the entire market growth in the whole Brazil, one of the most populated countries in the world.

His achievements
He managed to help Bradesco in acquiring the Brazilian branch of HSBC for 5.2 million dollars, which was a very careful and calculated move, due to the fact that the institution was losing its dominance to their rivals. This brought Bradesco back to its leading position, gaining back its dominance, and even beating up its very close rival, ItauUnibanco. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi earned a legacy that will always remain present in Brazil and the world at large.

Succession at the bank
After working diligently for the lender for 47 years, Luiz was honored by the former chairman, Lazaro Brandao by appointing him as his successor. In his speech, Mr. Brandao congratulated Luiz for the success that he has achieved while working for Bradesco bank. Brandao noted that he was pleased to see Mr. Trabuco grow from a bank clerk to become the chairman of the second largest bank in Latin America. His post as the president of the bank was taken by Octavio de Lazari who served as the CEO of the pensions and insurance division of the bank.

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Alex Pall, Voices and Synths

Alex Pall has stepped up and has given his DJ friends a different take on music. Together with Andrew Taggart, they are in a genre of music that is generally not into vocals. This synth sound set is usually saved for the songwriters and vocalists of their time, not the DJ. This is not the case with Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, who make up the Chain Smokers. They are starting a new genre with the synth sounds and vocals. They bring transparency to the surface of the synth world and give a personal touch to the music that they create. Most DJ’s are hiding behind the synthesizer and or create an atmosphere that they aren’t seen for the music created.

Alex says that he was at an art exhibit and a friend introduced him to Andrew and the rest is history. They have been together ever since. Four years later they are working on building a new theme for music and creativity that is astounding to the dance world and the synth set. Bringing their own lyrics, songwriting, and voices to the music has given them an identity and intimacy to a historically sterile genre. Adding their own voices has given the synth genre a new twist on dropping beats and writing music to go with the lyrics or with the voices themselves. How they evolve in the next few years will be exciting and highly anticipated by their fans.

Alex also believes that taking the step to include their own vocals and lyrics has brought them closer to each other and created a bond more than just a love for what they do and them being instant friends. When asked about working with others, Alex said that working with Halsey was amazing and has brought so much to their music. Alex said that she is a unique and very cool.

The Chainsmokers Are Evolving As Musicians Starting In 2018

The Chainsmokers have blown up to a level no one could have predicted when they first entered the music scene with songs like “Selfie” and “Roses”. But it was these very songs and collaborations that kept bringing the Chainsmokers back into the big scene. According to Alex Pall of the Chainsmokers, the sudden rise of fame for him has made it difficult to find his path in the musical industry, since there is a high level of expectation involved with such success and fame.

While both Alex and Andrew love their music and the dance party style, they have been wanting to try something new for quite a while. Since first meeting up and becoming the Chainsmokers, the duo has always vibed well and created new music together, but without the limitations of fame weighing in on them. With both of them growing up with the same influences and a background in music, they want to continue to expand and evolve as musicians.

This is why they have begun to release a new sound for their fans, starting with “Sick Boy”. Dropping first in January 2018, this new song is the first of a whole new genre for the Chainsmokers, and they hope to continue producing more of this style, which has been doing well despite the unexpected change.

According to Alex and Andrew, they miss being able to connect to their audiences. After listening to some old songs from early in their careers, they decided to embrace another style to restore that connection. Their new music is darker than normal, but it will connect with fans on a deeper level than ever before. Their lyrics are impactful and have meaning to tell a proper story throughout all the songs they plan to release in the future. Alex and Andrew still have deep roots in the dance music genre, but they want to try something new and do not have any qualms about making the change, regardless of the popularity it has.


Students Have Everything They Need To Succeed At Rocketship Education

Parents are able to connect with their students better than ever thanks to the efforts of Rocketship Education schooling system that continues to grow to this day. More than 10 years ago, Rocketship Education opened their first school for the elementary grades, K-5 and have since become a pioneer in the educational industry. Their approach to every students learning is unique compared to most other schooling systems in the country, and they do not limit their schooling system to any specific students. Regardless of a student’s background or their families current financial situation, every student is welcome at Rocketship Education Public Charter Schools to become a Rocketeer.

There are several things that make Rocketship stand out when it comes to education, including the highly dedicated teachers that go the extra mile to help the growth of their students. All teachers are made acquainted with their student’s parents and build a healthy connection of communication so that they can stay on the same page at all times for their students learning. This helps teachers and parents better engage their children to want to learn and improve their education.

Another somewhat unique aspect of Rocketship Education is that they have decided to incorporate a high level of technology in their students learning, only in practical matters, of course, to aid in learning. They believe this drastically improves a child’s ability and desire to learn, as it can make it more fun for them. After all, these are children, and fun is an aspect of learning that really help a child grow. Regardless of a child’s starting point or if they fall behind, Rocketship Education provides every student with personalized learning opportunities to help them stay on track or catch up in grade levels. Students can get more done when they understand what to do and a greater desire to succeed when they are given the chance to reach their potential.

Shervin Pishevar’s 21 Hour Twitter Storm

Shervin Pishevar is an entrepreneur who got his start in Silicon Valley. He is a super angel investor and has helped to start a few well-known companies, including Sherpa Capital. At the end of December 2017, he announced that he would be resigning from Sherpa Capital using his Twitter account. From that point until the beginning of February 2018, nothing was really heard from him.

It seems like when it rains, it really pours with Shervin Pishevar. He sent out 50 different tweets in a matter of just 21 hours explaining why the US economy is heading downward and why it will continue to do so. He feels that the stock market will drop 6,000 points in coming months. He feels that people should be wary of positive talk about the US economy.

One of the points that Shervin Pishevar made toward the end of the Twitter storm was about the United States’ five big unicorns. These include Microsoft, Google, Apple, Amazon, and Alphabet. He had very dark forecasts as far as the influence and also the possible downfall of these companies. He called them monopolies and said that the framework of these giants will fall. He said that they should in order to make room for new businesses. He warned about their power to buy out small startup companies, which will ultimately lead to a failure of the entire system.

Shervin Pishevar warned that individuals in every asset class should scurry and scrabble for safety, yet there would be no place safe to be found. He says that there will be more slippage in the market because every asset class has proven to be overvalued and losses will continue to be seen partly because of tax giveaways and increasing credit account deficits.

Another point he mentioned included the fact that quantitative easing, which the government often uses to re-correct the market, has been overused and will not always continue to work. He mentioned that inflation is dead and that the United States has been exporting inflation for decades. His 50 point Twitter storm had mostly grim forecasts for the US economy.