Daniel Taub, the Man and the Legend

Relations between the United Kingdom and the state of Israel have not been the best for quite some time. Believe it or not, there have been anti-Israelite views appearing at certain British universities and colleges. This negative outlook on Israel has continued into the current decade.

Daniel Taub, an ambassador from Israel who had been assigned to the United Kingdom in 2011, has made these particular college campuses one of many of his battlegrounds.

Daniel Taub has dedicated his life to bringing people closer to Israel in one way or another and has done an amazing job performing his duties in England and Ireland. Learn more about Daniel Taub: http://www.alondon.net/index.php?action=art&id=7198&lang=he_IL

One of the main focal points for Taub, besides educating young people on Israel and her people, has been to increase trade, business growth and education between Israel and the United Kingdom. His work has not only paid off, but it has ended with much more than originally expected.

Daniel Taub, through a calculation of projected gains, has not only increased trade between Israel and the United Kingdom but has actually doubled it from what it was.

His work has brought nearly three hundred Israeli businesses to the United Kingdom, where they are not only selling their wares and purchasing goods to be sold back home but are very successful overall. Read more: Daniel Taub | Wikipedia and Daniel Taub | Ideamench

These businesses are happily growing in England and will continue to do so under the watchful eye of Israeli diplomats. Unfortunately, Daniel Taub will not be one of these diplomats.

He has recently told the BBC in an interview that he is resigning from his post in England and plans on returning how to Israel sometime this coming Summer. This is sad news for those who worked with Taub, but sweet at the same time as he will be able to begin work on doing what he did in the United Kingdom in the Middle East. Learn more about Daniel Taub: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/jul/13/israel-peace-pressure-israeli

He has already shown promise in countries such as Jordan and Egypt and has increased relations with these Islamic countries significantly.

This is a massive change from how the two countries saw Israel before, especially if you consider the fact that both were involved in declaring war on Israel in during the Six-Day War.

It is uncertain where Daniel Taub will take his abilities next, although one thing is for certain, wherever he goes change and hope go with him for the ride. This time is no exception.

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