Daniel Taub Reveals the Israeli Strategy to Counter Iran

For a while, the pot of misgivings has been simmering among the opponents of the deal that was signed between Iran and the UN. Learn more about Daniel Taub: http://rabbisacks.org/rabbi-sacks-conversation-daniel-taub/ and http://www.parashadiplomatit.co.il/

The deal seemed to trigger a bitter taste in the mouth of Israel and a number of other countries that were opposed to the Geneva Agreement. Under the deal, Iran got a go-ahead from the world body to proceed with its nuclear program.

Israel never supported the deal, and now, in what seems to have been a tactical retreat, Mr. Daniel Taub, the long-serving diplomat, and international law expert says that Israel is going to explore unexpected options to make sure that Iran is stopped from manufacturing a nuclear bomb, because, if left to its devices, it will certainly make one soon.

Mr. Daniel Taub was among top diplomats, experts in international law and strategists that visited Washington recently to revisit the Iran nuclear program matter.

The Iran Influence

Jerusalem says that Tehran has run amok. It accuses the Arab nation of sponsoring rings and networks of terror through its promotion of Shia extremism.

Mr. Daniel Taub, in an interview with the independent, claims that Iran is sponsoring a network of extremists bent on launching attacks on Israel and Sunni Muslims across from Tehran to Beirut. To counter such influence, Mr. Taub says Israel is going to forge alliances that will surprise the world.

Israel says it will join hands with other countries who feel threatened by the overtures of Iran; specifically the Sunni leaning nations in the Middle East.

The Independent reporter put Mr. Taub to task to explain how he thinks such a united front would be formed when most of the nations Israel is thinking about have always been opposed to Israel’s policies and the establishment of the Jewish state in the region.

Mr. Taub responded that international politics is dynamic. Countries swap friends and foes depending on where their interest lies. Currently, he says, Sunni-leaning Islamic countries truly feel that Iran is a threat in the region. They will put security concerns ahead of other interests.

Brief about Daniel Taub

Mr. Daniel Taub served as the Israeli Ambassador to the UK from 2011 to 2015. He is an expert in International Law. He has also served in the Israeli foreign ministry for a long time. He once served as a combat medic with the Israeli Defense Forces too.

He is currently the strategic and planning director at Yad Hannadiv Foundation. Mr. was born and raised in the UK where he also schooled. He attended Havard and Oxford Universities among others.

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