Securus Technologies Helping Build Safer and Secure Prison Environment

Securus Technologies is a correctional firm known worldwide for its innovation and high-tech correctional technologies. The products and services provided by Securus Technologies have been able to make a considerable positive impact on the correctional field in the last few years. It continues to help the sector to use technology positively to build a safer and secure prison environment.


The correctional agencies are continuing to find contraband items inside the prison even after many restrictions. The inmates are finding unique ways to get their hands on contraband items, and one of the unique ways that are in use today is a drone. The drones are used to transport contraband items inside the prison as they are fast, efficient, and unmanned.


Even if the drones get caught, the law enforcement agencies won’t be able to find the criminals behind it. Securus Technologies is known for developing technologies that would help keep the corrections officer safe and secure, and they have been working on developing ways to prevent drones away from prison facilities.


Securus Technologies recently launched the drone detection technology that would help in ensuring that no drones, either large or small, enter the prison premise without being detected. The drone detection technology is just launched, and as per tech analyst, there is the scope for improvement. However, even in the pilot program, Securus Technologies is doing a great job of not letting any drone enter the prison space without being detected.


The law enforcement officers are happy with the performance of drone detection technology and are endorsing it for use in other prison facilities as well at the earliest. As the drones are being used rampantly to supply a wide variety of contraband items, it has become essential for the prison authorities to use technology that would end the problems caused by the use of drones. And, drone detection technology by Securus Technologies is the answer.

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