Contributions of Dr. Scott Rocklage

A lot of funds are raised by the Expansion Therapeutics to find the cure of the genetic disorders that are affecting lots of people more the adults. Some of the companies such as 5AM Ventures led by the Scott Rocklage and others like Sanofi Ventures, Kleiner Perkins, and Novartis Ventures are making a significant contribution in raising the finances. The major disorder that is comprised of the genetic disorders is myotonic dystrophy type I. it is a deadly disease since its symptoms are evident when the RNA is at its toxic level.

Mostly, the RNAs are found in the DNA where they are transferred and transformed into proteins. The myotonic dystrophy type I happens to occur when the RNAs are produced and reach the toxic level. You can notice the condition since the major systems within the body are affected such as central nervous system; muscles, respiratory system, heart, hormonal system and they become malfunction. Learn more:


The problem can be transferred from one generation to another, and the worst is that the cure for the DM1 is not yet found that is effective. With this need, the company carries out all the research possible to ensure that the effective treatment for the problem is realized since the challenge is dangerous and is repetitive and mostly caused by the genes found in the DNA. Together with the help of Dr. Scott Rocklage, more research is done so that the stable treatment for the DM1 is found.


Scott Rocklage serves at 5AM Ventures as the managing partner. He went to the University of California where he earned a bachelor of Science in Chemistry. By furthering his education to higher levels, he earned his Ph.D. in chemistry in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has conducted lots of researchers, and that has led Scott Rocklage to win Nobel Peace Prize in 2005.


In 2003 is when Scott Rocklage started working with 5AM Ventures. The experience of Dr. Scott Rocklage is vast in the healthcare management since it exceeds 30 years. Besides, he has more publications that have already been peer reviewed as well as submission of medications for approval to clinical facilities. Also, he has been a leader in several organizations serving at senior positions.

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