Alex Pall, Voices and Synths

Alex Pall has stepped up and has given his DJ friends a different take on music. Together with Andrew Taggart, they are in a genre of music that is generally not into vocals. This synth sound set is usually saved for the songwriters and vocalists of their time, not the DJ. This is not the case with Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, who make up the Chain Smokers. They are starting a new genre with the synth sounds and vocals. They bring transparency to the surface of the synth world and give a personal touch to the music that they create. Most DJ’s are hiding behind the synthesizer and or create an atmosphere that they aren’t seen for the music created.

Alex says that he was at an art exhibit and a friend introduced him to Andrew and the rest is history. They have been together ever since. Four years later they are working on building a new theme for music and creativity that is astounding to the dance world and the synth set. Bringing their own lyrics, songwriting, and voices to the music has given them an identity and intimacy to a historically sterile genre. Adding their own voices has given the synth genre a new twist on dropping beats and writing music to go with the lyrics or with the voices themselves. How they evolve in the next few years will be exciting and highly anticipated by their fans.

Alex also believes that taking the step to include their own vocals and lyrics has brought them closer to each other and created a bond more than just a love for what they do and them being instant friends. When asked about working with others, Alex said that working with Halsey was amazing and has brought so much to their music. Alex said that she is a unique and very cool.

The Chainsmokers Are Evolving As Musicians Starting In 2018

The Chainsmokers have blown up to a level no one could have predicted when they first entered the music scene with songs like “Selfie” and “Roses”. But it was these very songs and collaborations that kept bringing the Chainsmokers back into the big scene. According to Alex Pall of the Chainsmokers, the sudden rise of fame for him has made it difficult to find his path in the musical industry, since there is a high level of expectation involved with such success and fame.

While both Alex and Andrew love their music and the dance party style, they have been wanting to try something new for quite a while. Since first meeting up and becoming the Chainsmokers, the duo has always vibed well and created new music together, but without the limitations of fame weighing in on them. With both of them growing up with the same influences and a background in music, they want to continue to expand and evolve as musicians.

This is why they have begun to release a new sound for their fans, starting with “Sick Boy”. Dropping first in January 2018, this new song is the first of a whole new genre for the Chainsmokers, and they hope to continue producing more of this style, which has been doing well despite the unexpected change.

According to Alex and Andrew, they miss being able to connect to their audiences. After listening to some old songs from early in their careers, they decided to embrace another style to restore that connection. Their new music is darker than normal, but it will connect with fans on a deeper level than ever before. Their lyrics are impactful and have meaning to tell a proper story throughout all the songs they plan to release in the future. Alex and Andrew still have deep roots in the dance music genre, but they want to try something new and do not have any qualms about making the change, regardless of the popularity it has.


Students Have Everything They Need To Succeed At Rocketship Education

Parents are able to connect with their students better than ever thanks to the efforts of Rocketship Education schooling system that continues to grow to this day. More than 10 years ago, Rocketship Education opened their first school for the elementary grades, K-5 and have since become a pioneer in the educational industry. Their approach to every students learning is unique compared to most other schooling systems in the country, and they do not limit their schooling system to any specific students. Regardless of a student’s background or their families current financial situation, every student is welcome at Rocketship Education Public Charter Schools to become a Rocketeer.

There are several things that make Rocketship stand out when it comes to education, including the highly dedicated teachers that go the extra mile to help the growth of their students. All teachers are made acquainted with their student’s parents and build a healthy connection of communication so that they can stay on the same page at all times for their students learning. This helps teachers and parents better engage their children to want to learn and improve their education.

Another somewhat unique aspect of Rocketship Education is that they have decided to incorporate a high level of technology in their students learning, only in practical matters, of course, to aid in learning. They believe this drastically improves a child’s ability and desire to learn, as it can make it more fun for them. After all, these are children, and fun is an aspect of learning that really help a child grow. Regardless of a child’s starting point or if they fall behind, Rocketship Education provides every student with personalized learning opportunities to help them stay on track or catch up in grade levels. Students can get more done when they understand what to do and a greater desire to succeed when they are given the chance to reach their potential.

Shervin Pishevar’s 21 Hour Twitter Storm

Shervin Pishevar is an entrepreneur who got his start in Silicon Valley. He is a super angel investor and has helped to start a few well-known companies, including Sherpa Capital. At the end of December 2017, he announced that he would be resigning from Sherpa Capital using his Twitter account. From that point until the beginning of February 2018, nothing was really heard from him.

It seems like when it rains, it really pours with Shervin Pishevar. He sent out 50 different tweets in a matter of just 21 hours explaining why the US economy is heading downward and why it will continue to do so. He feels that the stock market will drop 6,000 points in coming months. He feels that people should be wary of positive talk about the US economy.

One of the points that Shervin Pishevar made toward the end of the Twitter storm was about the United States’ five big unicorns. These include Microsoft, Google, Apple, Amazon, and Alphabet. He had very dark forecasts as far as the influence and also the possible downfall of these companies. He called them monopolies and said that the framework of these giants will fall. He said that they should in order to make room for new businesses. He warned about their power to buy out small startup companies, which will ultimately lead to a failure of the entire system.

Shervin Pishevar warned that individuals in every asset class should scurry and scrabble for safety, yet there would be no place safe to be found. He says that there will be more slippage in the market because every asset class has proven to be overvalued and losses will continue to be seen partly because of tax giveaways and increasing credit account deficits.

Another point he mentioned included the fact that quantitative easing, which the government often uses to re-correct the market, has been overused and will not always continue to work. He mentioned that inflation is dead and that the United States has been exporting inflation for decades. His 50 point Twitter storm had mostly grim forecasts for the US economy.