Anthony Petrello- Role Of Business In Times Of Disasters

The role of a business in society is not only to make profits. A business is a part of the community that deals with delivery of good and services. Since the role of a business is to serve the people, business owners would ensure that they play out this role effectively. By supporting the needs of the community, a business can contribute to the building of a healthy society where people support each other. A business that supports the community has a higher chance of selling its business name to many people. Also when a business comes out to support the community, this is usually a good sign of a business that is sharing the needs of the people.

To see which businesses care about the needs of the community you ca look at which businesses show up when there is an urgent need for support. In Houston and other parts of Texas, there was an urgent appeal for help when Hurricane Harvey struck causing massive destruction in the areas; the areas were also cut off from the main supply of clean water, electricity and other basic needs. When the call for help was made, a number of businesses came out to help the community. One of them was Nabors Industries which is led by Tony Petrello.

Nabors Industries is the biggest oil and natural gas drilling firm in the country. The company, however, has most of its drilling operations outside the country. It deals with selling drilling technology to oil companies around the world. Currently operating in 25 counties and having partnership deals with some of the biggest firms in the world, Nabors is a leading global company in drilling technology. Their drilling rigs are widely used in numerous countries. The company has recorded monumental growth since Tony Petrello joined as the COO ns later appointed CEO in 2011. He has steered the company through rough economic times and has emerged even stronger than ever before.

Anthony Petrello has created a culture of people giving back to the community in this company. So, when the Hurricane Harvey struck, Nabors Industries employees were some of the people who came out in large numbers to support the community in the time of need. The company donated funds which went to various causes. Tony Petrello also gave his workers a paid leave to go and assist the victims of the Hurricane. This is just one of the acts of philanthropy which have been demonstrated by the CEO of Nabors. He has participated in many other causes as an individual.

The Legacy Of The Outgoing President Of Bradesco Bank, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was born into a family of professional bankers on 6th October in 1951, in Marilia, Sao Paulo, Brazil. He then graduated from Sao Paulo school of philosophy, science, and literature and later did his postgraduate from Fundacao School of sociology and politics.

His banking career
Mr. Trabuco launched his career in banking at Bradesco bank SA in 1984 April, working as a clerk. He later held several leadership posts where he gained immense experience as a leader and businessperson. In 1984 January, he took over the position of the Department Director in the marketing department, in 1998 March, he was appointed the Managing Officer, and in 1999 march, he took the Executive Vice President seat. In 2003, Trabuco was appointed to head the ailing insurance and pensions division of the bank.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi also heads other branches and sections of Bradesco organizations. He serves as a Managing Body Member and Director of Fundacao Bradesco, and still a Member of the Board of Directors and Managing Director of the Institute of Digestive System and Nutrition Disease Foundation. Apart from all these positions, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is a sitting Board Member of the Board of directors of the Brazilian Bank Federation, Fundo Garantidor de Creditos – FCG Member, and still the Member of Honourable Council ANSP just to mention a few.

What He Has Done for Bradesco
Mr. Trabuco Cappi has served at Bradesco bank very diligently as the Chief Executive Officer in the past ten years since he became one of the high leveled executives from 2009. He has worked for the organization very well throughout his career when he started working in 1969. When he was the president of Bradesco Seguros, he made sure the insurance wedge of the company grew from 23 percent to 25 percent of the entire market growth in the whole Brazil, one of the most populated countries in the world.

His achievements
He managed to help Bradesco in acquiring the Brazilian branch of HSBC for 5.2 million dollars, which was a very careful and calculated move, due to the fact that the institution was losing its dominance to their rivals. This brought Bradesco back to its leading position, gaining back its dominance, and even beating up its very close rival, ItauUnibanco. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi earned a legacy that will always remain present in Brazil and the world at large.

Succession at the bank
After working diligently for the lender for 47 years, Luiz was honored by the former chairman, Lazaro Brandao by appointing him as his successor. In his speech, Mr. Brandao congratulated Luiz for the success that he has achieved while working for Bradesco bank. Brandao noted that he was pleased to see Mr. Trabuco grow from a bank clerk to become the chairman of the second largest bank in Latin America. His post as the president of the bank was taken by Octavio de Lazari who served as the CEO of the pensions and insurance division of the bank.

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