Anthony Petrello- Role Of Business In Times Of Disasters

The role of a business in society is not only to make profits. A business is a part of the community that deals with delivery of good and services. Since the role of a business is to serve the people, business owners would ensure that they play out this role effectively. By supporting the needs of the community, a business can contribute to the building of a healthy society where people support each other. A business that supports the community has a higher chance of selling its business name to many people. Also when a business comes out to support the community, this is usually a good sign of a business that is sharing the needs of the people.

To see which businesses care about the needs of the community you ca look at which businesses show up when there is an urgent need for support. In Houston and other parts of Texas, there was an urgent appeal for help when Hurricane Harvey struck causing massive destruction in the areas; the areas were also cut off from the main supply of clean water, electricity and other basic needs. When the call for help was made, a number of businesses came out to help the community. One of them was Nabors Industries which is led by Tony Petrello.

Nabors Industries is the biggest oil and natural gas drilling firm in the country. The company, however, has most of its drilling operations outside the country. It deals with selling drilling technology to oil companies around the world. Currently operating in 25 counties and having partnership deals with some of the biggest firms in the world, Nabors is a leading global company in drilling technology. Their drilling rigs are widely used in numerous countries. The company has recorded monumental growth since Tony Petrello joined as the COO ns later appointed CEO in 2011. He has steered the company through rough economic times and has emerged even stronger than ever before.

Anthony Petrello has created a culture of people giving back to the community in this company. So, when the Hurricane Harvey struck, Nabors Industries employees were some of the people who came out in large numbers to support the community in the time of need. The company donated funds which went to various causes. Tony Petrello also gave his workers a paid leave to go and assist the victims of the Hurricane. This is just one of the acts of philanthropy which have been demonstrated by the CEO of Nabors. He has participated in many other causes as an individual.

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