Drew Madden and The Different Areas of The Healthcare Industry

When people take the time to look at the healthcare industry, one thing they are going to find is that it is very rich and diverse. There is a lot more to the healthcare industry than the doctor’s office and the emergency room. There are tons of different equipment that is needed to do the work. There are also plenty of stores and online companies that are involved with health. As of right now, Amazon is looking to take over a good part of the healthcare industry. If Amazon manages to do so, this runs the risk of a monopoly.

Fortunately, CVS is fighting against the monopoly. The healthcare company is doing everything it can to maintain its ability to compete against Amazon in healthcare. One move the company is considering is trying to buy out Aetna. One thing that a reporter has said about what is happening in the healthcare industry is that innovation is being forced. CVS is actually taking measures to buy out some of the healthcare industry as a response to what Amazon is doing. One thing that can be said about the Amazon and CVS situation is that this makes for an exciting time in the healthcare industry.

When it comes to innovation, there is one person who is bringing innovation to the healthcare industry outside of Amazon. Drew Madden is the expert that knows what the healthcare industry needs, and he is willing to provide it so that patients can get better care. One thing that Drew understands about innovation is that it comes from a need that has not been met yet. When it comes to the healthcare industry, one of the best forms of innovation come in the form of giving medical professionals a more efficient way to store records of their patients for later use.