Alex Pall, Voices and Synths

Alex Pall has stepped up and has given his DJ friends a different take on music. Together with Andrew Taggart, they are in a genre of music that is generally not into vocals. This synth sound set is usually saved for the songwriters and vocalists of their time, not the DJ. This is not the case with Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, who make up the Chain Smokers. They are starting a new genre with the synth sounds and vocals. They bring transparency to the surface of the synth world and give a personal touch to the music that they create. Most DJ’s are hiding behind the synthesizer and or create an atmosphere that they aren’t seen for the music created.

Alex says that he was at an art exhibit and a friend introduced him to Andrew and the rest is history. They have been together ever since. Four years later they are working on building a new theme for music and creativity that is astounding to the dance world and the synth set. Bringing their own lyrics, songwriting, and voices to the music has given them an identity and intimacy to a historically sterile genre. Adding their own voices has given the synth genre a new twist on dropping beats and writing music to go with the lyrics or with the voices themselves. How they evolve in the next few years will be exciting and highly anticipated by their fans.

Alex also believes that taking the step to include their own vocals and lyrics has brought them closer to each other and created a bond more than just a love for what they do and them being instant friends. When asked about working with others, Alex said that working with Halsey was amazing and has brought so much to their music. Alex said that she is a unique and very cool.