The Chainsmokers Are Evolving As Musicians Starting In 2018

The Chainsmokers have blown up to a level no one could have predicted when they first entered the music scene with songs like “Selfie” and “Roses”. But it was these very songs and collaborations that kept bringing the Chainsmokers back into the big scene. According to Alex Pall of the Chainsmokers, the sudden rise of fame for him has made it difficult to find his path in the musical industry, since there is a high level of expectation involved with such success and fame.

While both Alex and Andrew love their music and the dance party style, they have been wanting to try something new for quite a while. Since first meeting up and becoming the Chainsmokers, the duo has always vibed well and created new music together, but without the limitations of fame weighing in on them. With both of them growing up with the same influences and a background in music, they want to continue to expand and evolve as musicians.

This is why they have begun to release a new sound for their fans, starting with “Sick Boy”. Dropping first in January 2018, this new song is the first of a whole new genre for the Chainsmokers, and they hope to continue producing more of this style, which has been doing well despite the unexpected change.

According to Alex and Andrew, they miss being able to connect to their audiences. After listening to some old songs from early in their careers, they decided to embrace another style to restore that connection. Their new music is darker than normal, but it will connect with fans on a deeper level than ever before. Their lyrics are impactful and have meaning to tell a proper story throughout all the songs they plan to release in the future. Alex and Andrew still have deep roots in the dance music genre, but they want to try something new and do not have any qualms about making the change, regardless of the popularity it has.